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Stein Medium Bleed Control Kit

The STEIN Medium Bleed Control Kit contains the essential medical equipment and supplies required to save a life in the event of severe life threatening haemorrhage. Assembled with the highest quality components, this kit allows trained First Aiders, Advance Professionals, and First Responders to deliver lifesaving treatment in the event of a severe haemorrhage whilst awaiting the arrival of the Emergency Services.

This kit is supplied in a strong, lightweight bag manufactured from high-tech materials. Designed as a grab bag which can quickly be attached to a harness of the Ariel Rescue Climber. It can be clipped up next to the causality allowing easy access to all the contents should immediate treatment be required whilst in the tree.


  • Bleed kit storage bag
  • SWAT-T Tourniquet x 1
  • 6″ Emergency bandage x 1
  • Compressed dressing gauze x 1
  • Woundclot trauma 8cm x 20 cm haemostatic gauze dressing x 1
  • sterile 20ml Ampoule wound cleansing solution x 3
  • Medical pro series shears x 1
  • Blue nitrile gloves-lrg x 1
  • mini surgical marker pen x 1
  • Tamper resistant seal x 4 (open check contents and reseal)

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Medium ?Bleed Control Kit?

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