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Natanoko 60 300mm Spare Blade

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The Natanoko 60 300mm spare blade. These blades can be re-sharpened.

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Silky Saws are manufactured from SK-4 carbon steel and cut out by laser. The teeth are designed with no set which means they are formed inside the width of the blade - this reduces friction and enables a cleaner, faster and easier cut. Many other saws have teeth formed to project outside the width of the blade requiring much greater effort when sawing. The super fine cut destroys up to 50% less wood cells allowing the tree to heal faster and reduces the risk of disease. The blades are also chrome plated which helps protect against rust and sap as well as providing additional strength. This helps extend the life of the blade. Almost all Silky saws are fitted with a specially designed rubber \\\'GOM\\\' handle which reduces vibration and improves grip, reducing the danger of slipping in wet conditions.

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