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Hendon 3 Leg Adjustable Tripod Ladder


With three fully adjustable legs, this is the most versatile Tripod ladder in the Hendon range, offering the same stable performance as the standard Hendon Tripod ladder (GMF), but with further opportunities available thanks to its adaptability. Providing a secure footing even on slopes and uneven ground, the adjustability of the legs means you can work safely on different levels, such as steps.
The telescopic rear third leg is adjustable in 150mm stages, while the front two legs can be independently adjusted in 50mm steps with spring loading pins – so even at quite extreme angles on steep slopes you’re afforded a stable, safe, comfortable work position.
Like the standard Tripod ladder, it has been manufactured from welded aluminium alloy extrusions, making it lightweight yet strong, with a Safe Working Load of 150kg (330lb).
For otherwise inaccessible places, the three leg adjustable Tripod is the perfect solution.
As standard, your Hendon ladder will also include a pack of 3 rubber boots.


Additional information

Ladder Height

2.4m/8ft, 3.0m/10ft, 3.6m/12ft, 4.2m/14ft

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