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AP 300 S Battery

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The AP 300 S is a high capacity Lithium-Ion battery that will power any tool within the STIHL AP System. With an energy capacity of 281 Watt-hours (which relates to run time), this battery offers an impressive 25% increase in capacity compared to the AP 300, and with an Amp-hour capacity of 7.8, this battery will consistantly power AP System tools for longer. The four LED lights let you know how much charge is left within the battery.

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Battery weight kg1.8
Rated voltage V36
Capacity Wh 1)281
Nominal cell capacity (according to manufacturer) Ah2.6
Battery cell technologyLITHIUM-ION
Capacity ah7.2
Charge voltage V42
Temperature range °C5-40
Discharge temperature range °C-10-50
1) Energy content according to cell manufacturer specification. To increase the service life, the energy content available in the actual application is lower.

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