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DM Chainsaws Shop

DM Chainsaws Ltd began business in 1984. Its founder Dave Moon had worked all his life in farming and tree work, so after he was made redundant he leveraged his mechanical knowledge and started repairing chainsaws and other garden machinery in his back garden. DM Chainsaws Ltd in the West Sussex village of Walberton quickly established a reputation in the area for good service and value for money.

In 1987 the South of England was battered by a major storm. West Sussex suffered considerable damage and thousands of trees were smashed and uprooted. Everybody suddenly needed a chainsaw and Dave, with DM Chainsaws Ltd met that unexpected demand well. It soon became clear that to grow the business further, bigger premises were required. In 1988 DM Chainsaws Ltd moved to its current site down the road to Walberton Place Farm.

The company went from strength to strength, taking on more staff and becoming a major dealer for some of the best equipment in the business. In 2001 Dave decided to retire and sell the business. He still resided in Walberton, and a spanner was never too far away from his hand!
 The new owners also came from a tree work background. Matt Litchfield and John Bentley have been friends since their student days in the late eighties at Merrist Wood College. Their aims were simple – to continue to grow the company without compromising its reputation for service and value for money in the world of forest and garden machinery. Since 2001 there has been a constant reinvestment strategy, and in 2015 this culminated in the opening of a brand new traditional timber frame store built next door.
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